Space / Time

In this series I was attempting to blur the boundaries between time and space. By snapping Polaroids of certain objects, and then rephotographing these Polaroids in the context of the original object, or in an entirely different setting, I was exploring a time-based relationship between the two images. Clearly, the two couldn’t have been taken simultaneously; the Polaroid™ had to have been taken first in order to be part of the final image. In the images in which the Polaroid™ is placed in its original setting and then recaptured, time and space haven’t moved significantly. However, in those photographs that include Polaroids™ of an entirely different object, it is clear that some time had to have lapsed between the taking of the Polaroid™ and the final image.

Also, by transporting the Polaroid™ into a sometimes slightly, sometimes completely different space, I was attempting to question our notions of the perception of space. A two-dimensional representation of a certain object or area in space is placed into a three-dimensional space, and then re-photographed, producing the final result of another two-dimensional object.

Above all, the purpose of these photographs is to be fun. They are in a sense a visual riddle that, upon solving, hope to bring a smile to the viewer’s face.

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