Modified Style 2012

On Sunday May 6th I volunteered backstage for the Modified Style 2012 Fashion Show Fun(d)raiser. In this event, designers are given a hodge-podge of scrap material and a time period in which to transform said material into a fabulous outfit. My friend Renate Yerkes entered the competition in the category of amateur designer, and she won 2nd place! I am so happy for her.

My role for the show was that of makeup artist. I hope you enjoy a few shots of some of the models I worked with.

Model Lauren Kamp wearing Renate’s creation. Jewelry by Jamieson Diemer.

Another shot of Lauren with Renate’s outfit, complete with the jacket. Photo by Tim Roth.


Above two designers / models unknown.

Before the show. Photo by Ronit Fahl.

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