Outdoor Project's growing list of nearly 8,000 Adventure Guides are submitted to the site by approximately 200 contributors. The data collected by Outdoor Project includes logistics and planning information, photos, adventure description, and GPS tracks. Outdoor Project’s goal was to increase the number of submissions per contributor, and increase contributor retention.
To accomplish this, I designed and managed an overhaul of the contributor submission process, creating a new interface and a streamlined way for contributors to enter the detailed information quickly and efficiently. Prior to development, I conducted research internally with Outdoor Project’s editorial team, and externally with a select network of engaged contributors. Data for existing adventures was thoroughly reviewed and influenced the forms for each type of adventure. I oversaw our development team to ensure that the project was completed on time and on budget.
The results? A robust yet easy-to-use platform that met Outdoor Project’s goals. Contributor retention, as measured by the number of active contributors, increased by 50%, as did the amount of submissions per contributor. Additionally, the need for on-boarding process was greatly sped up, removing the need for video tutorials.